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Diving at Santo
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Diving and the Pacific War is Espiritu Santo ... Vanuatu
Espiritu Santo is the largest island of Vanuatu, and the second by its economic importance. is also the only island Efate has to have a small town, Luganville. During the condominium, she was well served by flights internationals. But since she has lost some of its economic importance, but nevertheless beautiful. Here are some of our good plans and ideas if you go.
Red hibiscus

The future of the Coolidge wreck
The famous diving spots: The Wreck of the Coolidge and Million Dollar 'Point
During the Second World War and the Battle for the Pacific island of Espiritu Santo has played a special role as a base for the U.S. military. Benefits than the other islands of New Hebrides. for divers today, there are still many remnants of war under the water, of which 2 are the best known wreck of Captain Coolidge and Million Dollar 'Point.
Captain Coolidge is a vessel carrier, which sank in stepping on mines set up by his own camp for the protection of the Bay of Luganville. This huge ship sank very shallow Quickly. Thereby creating many opportunities for diving, for any level. As for
Million Dollars' point: the Americans have pushed the material into the sea when they leave. Because the French do not want their purchase. A shallow beside the beach, this spot is easily accessible. Notice to diving enthusiasts! 

On Earth
1 / 2, Luganville:
Quick Tour! A main street, some Chinese shops ... If you're lucky, one or two pygmies doing outstanding output of their forest. Envisa good period in late July week of Independence offers superb performances customary.
2 / 2, the nature
Visit blue holes for water to somatra unique colors ... but lost paradise beaches on the North Coast / East in particular. 
Blue hole Santo


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