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Port Vila - Efate
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Go visit Vanuatu, an extraordinary journey
Welcome to Vanuatu, the country with 83 islands and islets, the country at the 1000 smiles and 120 languages. Vanuatu is a small a little country lost in the South Pacific. It is located northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands. The Vanuatu extends from north to south nearly 1,000 miles in a tropical paradise instead: here no large reptiles other predators, the forest is lush with cool Pacific waters.
While there is competition in the tourism market, but if you are looking for an exotic trip you do not tighten disappointed by Vanuatu. 

Port Vila and Efate
Efate is the island capital of Vanuatu, which we find a few people throughout the archipelago, in the capital Port Vila. Port Vila is a town of 20 000. The island of Efate is also located in the center of the country, it is a focal point internally. This is also why it is the most tourism, 80% of tourists do not go further.
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Beach vanuatu
Espiritu Santo, Tanna ...
These 2 islands most visited after Efate and Port Vila. Espiritu Santo is famous for the diving spots, and Tanna for his world-famous volcano, the Yasur, active and visited almost throughout the year. Each island of Vanuatu has its own culture, its own language. Often see their cultures and languages! In short, a treasure unfailing in place. Exit from Efate is already a little adventure.
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A few words about Vanuatu, a territory of the former New Hebrides
The archipelago New Hebrides, it has retained the name geographically, politically is now, and since 1980 in the Republic of Vanuatu. Previously, the New Hebrides were placed under the authority of the French-British condominium, which administered the islands of the archipelago. This archipelago New Hebrides has served as a rear base for the Americans during the Pacific War. It has around 200 000 inhabitants, Ni-Vanuatu , Melanesian people whose ancestors came from Papua New Guinea and Fiji. If poor countries seems at first sight (GDP / capita), it is nonetheless very rich in human (HDI). Most tourists from Australia and New Zealand in 2 or 3 hours of flight. Tourism is an important resource for Vanuatu. 
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The Trip 2 Visit .com trick...
There are many ways to visit Vanuatu. You have to find yours! Culture, idleness, sport fishing, diving, volcanology, study circles still protected ... We hope you have made me want to go further .. The country can be included as a stopover during a tour in the South Pacific islands. We also recommend you visit Once is not custom, the remote tourist destination is presented here in partnership with Voyage Vanuatu, a reference site on Vanuatu .

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