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Weather & climate Tunisia

The Tunisian climate can be divided into zones:
- The north of the peninsula of Cap Bon in the dorsal
- The Sahel region of Cap Bon in Chott el Jerid
- Desert
Spring and autumn are the periods most favorable. But everything depends on the type of activity that you want to practice! Summer is only for hardcore fans of extreme heat, the desert is not recommended at this time, for example.

Weather northern Tunisia: north of the peninsula of Cap Bon and back
  • Winter is the wettest season of the year, it rains on average every 2 or 3 days either in a season equivalent to one third of annual precipitation. mainly with Showers rather violent.
    It snows regularly Mountain Kroumirie about 1200m, near the Algerian border), enough? skiing. If you can confirm we are licensees of any information on the subject.
    Counting on average 6 C in the morning and 16 C in the afternoon, wind regularly.
    Sea water does not fall below 14 to 15 C, just for a little swim.

  • he was already 20 C in the morning after 30 C to 35 C in the afternoon. Beware, this average value, peak temperatures are regularly 40 to 45 C.
    Note that there is less wind in winter, although there regularly sirocco or some sea breezes. The sirocco can prevent the temperature down below 30 C overnight. Temperatures of seawater trSE pleasant around 25 C - 26 C.

Sahel from Cape Bon to Chott el Jerid
  • The winter is milder and less humid than the coast.

  • In summer, dry weather and high temperatures are also on the menu. Record of 53 C under protection, in Gafsa.
    The coup de sirocco are also present.
    The water is still warm, 26 to 27 C in the Gulf of Gabes. The highest tides in the Tunisian Mediterranean are: up to 2.3 meters in amplitude! Imagine the open ground, huge, at low tide.

Tunisian desert
  • Winter
    The oasis of Gabes marks the beginning of the Sahara Desert, where peaks up to 30 C were recorded. 20 C are currencies currents in this period.

  • summer, the 40 C are routinely achieved, with peaks at 50 C. At equivalent temperatures, the heat is better tolerated because the region is less humid. Unless you can swim, of course.

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