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  Sunday, october 25, 2020 2:26 en Tunisia
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Sunday, october 25, 2020 
... 2:26 in Paris 

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Visit Tunis
Tunis: a modern city!
Tunis: a modern city with cosmopolitan architecture
A trip through the capital Tunis is interesting, with the visit of the medina for example, or his or her street walls in Europe. Indeed Tunis had more to European than prewar population. The city retains a cosmopolitan character because of its history and the streets sounding their many French. Found in Tunis architecture very European and it is not uncommon to come across French-style buildings, in street names well Francophone (Paris street, rue de Marseille). The city of Tunis has now approximately 700 000 inhabitants. From independence in 1956, the population grew, and the immigrant population of the countryside has replaced the foreigners. The agglomeration of Tunis reached even today 2 million souls. 

Tunis city and ancient crafts
The city of Tunis was founded in -814 BC. by settlers from Tyr. The commercial people bought the same location in Aboriginal people. The name Tunis is of Libyan origin. Since that time, Tunis was held successively by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and then placed under French protectorate Notament, without forgetting the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Italians, or other Andalusians. If you go through the medina in Tunis, you can enjoy its many antique doors. Remember the souks, the most noble professions are located around the Zaytuna Mosque, to buy products such as fez, dried fruit, perfumes, silk, slippers, pottery ... and other handicrafts. Do not leave without passing through Tunis Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the equivalent of the Elysian fields of French children.
A little time in Tunis? Visit the National Museum of Bardo, the largest museum of archeology in the Maghreb.
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