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  Friday, september 18, 2020 20:37 en Tunisia
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Friday, september 18, 2020 
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Carthage Visit
The remains of Carthage are not the most beautiful ancient ruins to explore around the Mediterranean. There are few monuments left by the whole time and men ... the Romans who destroyed the city in 146 BC. But some places still worth the detour, Notament museum open heart of Carthage. Carthage is mainly known for his rivalry with Rome which gave rise to the Punic wars. Hannibal was indeed does not go far from the Alps to end domination of the Roman era, but the elephant could not cross the current Savoie and Val d'Aosta. Carthage was subsequently occupied by the Romans after a long period to independence. 
Vestige Carthage antique

Carthage patrimoine mondial
Carthage, World Heritage of Mankind
The city of Carthage now covers some ancient ruins and those still visible are spread over several places here and there. The best way to get an idea is to visit the Museum of Carthage, located on the hill Byrsa. After having paid the ticket price and its extra special photos you access to the best-preserved ruins. The site of Carthage is world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. 

Carthage : vestige


Carthage chic
In the continuity of Sidi Bou Said, Carthage is one of the posh neighborhoods of the Tunisian coast at 2 pas de Tunis. There rettrouve the presidential palace and many luxurious villas, Notament on the site of the ancient Punic port, where small private ports are numerous. It is also good to get out of Carthage in the evening, the city with several restaurant-bar-box fashion. 
Sortir en boite  Carthage

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