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Our travel guides lead you among 18 countries or landscapes all tested and visited for you. We hope you will find a lot of useful information, a lot of dream and ideas. Enjoy...
Open the tunisian doors !
The beautiful beaches and cultural treasures of Tunisia made his reputation. 6 million tourists visit Tunisia each year, which is the first destination of French. The Customs access is facilitated for nationals of the European Union and the Americans who do not need a visa. The country has significant tourism structure in the 90s: nearly a thousand hotels, 7 and 9 international airports, ports support access to resorts: Djerba, Tabarka, Hammamet, Sousse, El Kantaoui, Sidi Bou Said ...
Tunisia : a trip for my vacations?
Massai and accacia, Kenya
Kenya is a country of great adventure, it is a concentrate of all the beauty of Africa. Maasai country, distant Snows of Kilimanjaro National Parks, African animals, jungle, wild coast, the Great Rift Valley African ... The Kenya dream before, during and come home! It is a myth that is not usurped. Your vision of Africa will never be the same after a stay in Kenya. For councils ...
Kenya : a trip for my vacations?
Tanzania, another country Swahili! Tanzania is less known than its neighbor Kenya, but it is worth a visit. Country Roof of Africa with the Kilimanjaro. Country of large game reserves like the world famous Serengueti. Country expanses exotic and wild African par excellence. Country insollite Zanzibar. Tanganyika. Let us guide you ...
Tanzania : a trip for my vacations?
Trip and vacations Dominican-Republic
The Dominican Republic is an attractive destination in from Europe as the North American continent. It is primarily known for its beaches Punta Cana and its sun. It hides, however, many other treasures and we must not forget that it was the first island base of the new world.
Visit the Dominican Republic with
Dominican-Republic : a trip for my vacations?
Budapest Castle
Hungary is an amazing country, beautiful and welcoming, but are you able to locate on the map of Europe? The country of Franz List and Mr Rubik joined the EU in 2004. Hungary and its capital Budapest is steeped in history. Connecting with to this country more tourist than people think because of us, yet little known French as English!
Hungary : a trip for my vacations?
The Diamond, Martinique
Madinina, the flower island ... the Martinique will seduce you by its diversity: beaches contrasting Mountain Pelee climate and refreshing waterfalls, rums incomparable seabed fabulous spice markets, madras, sunken galleons, Fort Napoleon, hiking the Pitons Carbet ... you are lazy or explorer, it will guide you ... en route to Martinique ...
Martinique : a trip for my vacations?
Tintin Moon Destination Rocket Belgium
Belgium, once at least! This country French multifaceted cultural charm you during your visit, if you like biking, comics, beer, forests, churches and walls of red bricks typical, and of course Belgian chocolates. offers a visit to Brussels and is happy to let you take advantage of its information on Belgium.
Belgium : a trip for my vacations?
Prague castle, Vltava river, Charles bridge
The Czech Republic is a beautiful country to visit, mountains to its periphery and having great plains in the center, flowing beautiful short of water as the Vltava. The Czech Republic has a rich cultural heritage and not only to Prague as one might think. The towns of Karlovy Vary, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen ... are also tourist attractions. Czech mountains provide a playground in summer and winter, especially in winter with hundreds of miles of trails cross country skiing!
Czech-Republic : a trip for my vacations?
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines - Union Islands
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or Union Islands is a democratic republic in the Caribbean. This vacation paradise is put forward in recent years by the tour operators, cruise form Notament. The country has few resources, but what a beauty! The waters of the Grenadines are undoubtedly the most beautiful Caribbean, with white sand unequaled. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the southern Lesser Antilles. Trip2visit was made for you on its beaches and tropical islands.
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines : a trip for my vacations?
Austria Renewable Energy: Wind
Austria is a country rich and clean, head of European countries for the recovery of non-energy products, contaminated. 2 destinations in Austria are preferred by tourists. The visit to Vienna, one of the cultural capitals of Europe and one of the most beautiful cities in the old continent. And of course the Tyrol, the beautiful Alpine scenery and local culture well preserved! The team trip2visit made a short stay in Austria and wants to share his feelings of the country.
Austria : a trip for my vacations?
Morocco trip and vacations
We no longer Morocco, ultra-trendy in recent years ... especially Marraquesh who meets a huge success for 7 years. The country has throughout much modernized, and it's not over! The Atrait tourist in Morocco to allow Europeans to find the exotic to 2 hours from most European capitals. Scenery and guaranteed sun! For our part, we prefer the authentic Morocco and wild landscapes of the High Atlas mountains, the vastness of the Sahara ... Then start to make your own mind with
Morocco : a trip for my vacations?
skiing Switzerland
Switzerland, with France, is another land of cheese, uh not chocolate. In short the country many other things: clean air, secret bank account, wild landscapes and traditions, Mecca of skiing, mountain passes and mythical ... Switzerland is she a victim of his shots? Not even sure, as the quality of life is to go. You do not believe us? Come check!
Switzerland : a trip for my vacations?
Reims cathedrale, France
The metropolitan France, one tourist destination in the world! Difficult not to say a word ... but not much else we do not recover, so he is saying. The France offers a huge variety tourism compared to its size. Its strength, it is the terroir, or Country within it. Just make a few tens of km to completely change the tourist region. Any short visit and ideas with
France : a trip for my vacations?
Vanuatu hibiscus
Are you familiar with Vanuatu? Perhaps the New Hebrides? If so you are either already in the enchantment is in nostalgia ... If not imagine a corner really lost, with wonderful people and a real paradise in the South Pacific ...
Vanuatu : a trip for my vacations?
La Sainte-Victoire, the Cézane mountain, Provence
If the County of Provence is more soul and beauty are still present in this small corner of southern France. Whether you are French or international tourists, Provence is a great destination if you decide to have a good time. Discovering local Provencal is where takes you through the inevitable and good shots.
Provence : a trip for my vacations?
Scotland, an uncommon trip
Scotland, an idea travel affordable handy for metropolitan French and Europeans. Besides, who does not know Scotland? The country's reputation precedes it to the 4 corners of the world: Sean Connery, his whiskey, Brave Heart, the Scottish kilt, bagpipes, castles, Loch Ness monster, the Lords and the names and clans in Mc ... We hope you help a little, good reading.
Scotland : a trip for my vacations?
Visit Lisbon
Portugal is an amazing country at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. Getting mixture away from the French vision of ordinary African influences and Western Europe, sometimes with a funny little tune reminiscent of Eastern Europe. Welcome to Portugal, trains you in Lisbon and its environs including Sintra and Cascais town of the Riviera of Portugal ...
Portugal : a trip for my vacations?
Trip in Malaysia, Petronas towers
Malaysia is a destination less fashionable than other countries in South-Eastern Asia such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam or Macau. The country is no shortage of attractions and sights in recent years and Malaysia has increased the global tourism arena, having developed its reputation with the Petronas towers, the F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia ... Original destination to discover the South-Eastern Asia ... some travel ideas with trip2visit:)
Malaysia : a trip for my vacations?
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