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Thursday, february 02, 2023 
... 18:02 in Paris 

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Transportation: taxes, prices
Transport incidents
Incidents and delays in transport
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More Transport incidents Incidents and delays in transport
Incidents and delays in transport: train, plane
Maintenance on the braking system of a wheel of an airplane, committed suicide on the TGV route, vehicle defroster airplane wings down, cold weather, overbooking, road accidents and traffic jams ... Sometimes the road is long to reach the place of vacation ... The strikes of the late October 2007 are still there to remember. Not to mention also another power cut at Orly, the second in a year: cutting total quarter of an hour, 2 hours to resume shipments!

Incident plane If you travel regularly, you inevitably encountered at least one incident ! If the aircraft remains the safest in the world, it is because some devices do not take off: the DGAC in France before the grain, like most of its European counterparts. And mostly if you do not take off, it's for your good and right for reasons of maintenance and safety: it is better to take off late, even a missed connection that off right away to land permanently or do not land at all ... Strikes diverse concerns of personal, small maintenance, weather conditions are the main reasons for delays, but also incidents electrical terminals, the mismanagement of personal ... To prove that you're not alone, here is our list of recent incidents encountered: controllers' strike - the latest on 12/04/2007, strike by ground staff, defrost (for wings) HS , electrical failure management system of boarding, maintenance on the braking system of a wheel, half empty plane together on the next device ... Flying is fast but is also a school of patience.

Train Incident
The so you will not be immune to lightning strikes. Although punctuality is greater than the air, it is far from perfect. The incidents of the trip are also numerous: suicide on the track, various strikes and varied tree on the road, snow ...

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Trip Transport incidents Incidents and delays in transport
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