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Wednesday, june 07, 2023 
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Switzerland mythical
Aletsch Glacier
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Switzerland mythical postcards, simply
Aaaah, Switzerland ... country calm and voluptuousness ... Everything is quiet and easy living. The pictures are numerous, but often quite close to reality. For what the visitor is he attracted to travel to Switzerland? Regularly for its neutrality and light taxes. Often by the unspoilt nature, winter and summer, although the last valley accessible by foot will finally have its tunnel. Sometimes by the secret bank accounts. Sometimes for its gastronomy: chocolate, cheese, and melted.

Switzerland: preserved nature in a country square
Here, it was a long time that speed cameras are! They are not always advertised and sometimes displaced ... Security and respect for the environment are ubiquitous. Some ski resorts are accessible only by cable car to the delight of all, or almost ... The country has a network féroviaire fantastic and packed tunnels. Side Highway, to say nothing except the caps around the lake. And no toll eats money, purchasing the Swiss road tax for year-round on highways at an affordable price (26.50 € in 2007).

Dream Mountain summer ...
The walker's paradise and APIN, of course. But some sites are accessible without too much effort, such as overlooking the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in Europe with 22 km, Site World Heritage of Humanity since 2001. Or the resort of Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.

... and dream of the winter mountain
Of course the Swiss ski resorts are famous, but today they are rightly, because less expensive than French resorts, where many become abuts (thank you Compagnie Des Alpes?). Verbier, Zermatt, Interlaken, Wengen ... but we cracked for:
  • the Great St. Bernard quieter, but watch out for very good skiers
  • Krienseregg / Kriens, the top of the sled, with its legendary track Fräkmüntegg in Kriens, 6 km!
Otherwise the country is full of small forts stations sympathetic.

The calm is on the banks of Lake Geneva
You Touver along Lake Geneva's calm repose. Did you know that there is a tidal phenomenon, along the largest natural lake in Europe?

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