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A trip to Scotland, originality and pictures!
Scottish, kilts and bagpipes
Who does not know Scotland? The country's reputation precedes it to the 4 corners of the world: Sean Connery, his whiskey and his diustilleries, Brave Heart, his kilts, bagpipes, castles, Loch Ness monster, the Lords and the name Mc '.. .
We could also add hills, creeks, side class of Scotland in general and Edinburgh in particular, and his sheep, cows sleek, mysterious islands. Between stereotypes and reality, our field report aims to give you some ideas for your trip to Scotland, after a quick introduction to the country. 

The geography of Scotland and its climate ...
The only land border of Scotland is the south with England. Scotland is a country of islands, about 800, but make no mistake it is also a mountainous country. The country whose bedrock is ancient volcanic peaks to 1344 m Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain. It is not uncommon to have mountains and hills whose base is at sea level to 1000m. It is in these valleys found the famous lochs form lakes and craggy fjords. Edinburgh the capital and Glasgow, the two most famous cities are located in one of its valleys, the Central Belt. The climate is temperate oceanic.

Panorama Scotland a good approach to understand its culture
The 5 million Scots have developed a culture shaped by the sea, water and mountains in an environment rather rude and wild. If there are now more urban than rural areas (5 per km2 in the Highlands, for example), the local traditions are well preserved, including pipe bands or troops from other bagpipes and Highland games.
The Scots are nevertheless many Anglo-Saxon, but do not treat English, even if they share common points each cultivates its difference. Scottish side it is easily identifiable by wearing a kilt, that the English have tried to ban in the past. And to a lesser extent by its regional 2 languages are the Scottish Gaelic and Scots, reconuues languages by the European Union.

... and history ...
In 1286 we can start talking about Scotland with the borders we know today. At that time the various peoples, the Picts, Britons, Celts, Scots, Angles and Vikings are unified in the previous decades and administration, culture and the economy was mixed. This period marks the end of tribal conflicts. But the strong character of the clans will maintain and strengthen gradually, from the various origins and also to geography and harsh country. Scotland will then turn to England with a succession of conflicts to finally accept to create the United Kingdom on 1 May 1707 with its English cousins. 
Cathedral and whisky in scotland

Did you fnow it?
In the Latin countries north of Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall, Scotland is today called Caledonia, Caledonia in French, a term derived from the old Welsh Kalet , hard . The New Caledonia is a New Scotland? Just as the Vanuatu archipelago country covering the New Hebrides and styling himself the New Hebrides before 1980. Indeed the Hebrides Islands of Scotland also.

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