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Thursday, february 02, 2023 
... 17:04 in Paris 

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The scams: the story of the right to know the June 10, 2008 is bleeding! Among the pins, some of them may be recognized travel site that sold the disputed benefits from the Internet for cheap. The hotel visited Boca Chica, the Dominican Bay, a 3 star limit 1 star li'ntérieur rooms and hospitality among others. We stayed at this hotel: we moderate a little criticism, it depends on the rooms. Allow at least a 4 star, for example in China U.S. subsidiary, Coral by Hilton. rechercher
For the bouillabaisse: we confirm that quality is paid: under 20 see 30 euros, do not dream. Even more like 40 euros ... The bouillabaisse charter will help you find the right restaurant. There are many in Marseilles.

Private beach side is a disaster. The coastline and the sea remains a public good. Friends vacationers take conscience. The deck must be at least 5 meters from the 1st wave. You have the right to settle before! But actually attention to waterfall, the example of the right to know is not an isolated case. We have lived too. Article 321 paragraph 9 of the Civil Code: you're in your right ..
Ventimiglia: should be known to all forms of collusion between the mayor and sellers of counterfeit, in fact .. The introduction of counterfeiting in France, it is potentially 3 years in prison! A Vuitton bag does not cost 20 euros. Beware of perfumes to urine which contains ammonia to fix the odor ... to the wise .. Down with the Chinese counterfeiting, we found many Chinese stalls Surles Ventimiglia. The example of the right to know goes away with the fake glasses. Quality is paying ...

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