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Saturday, march 23, 2019 
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Martigues between beaches, games and channels
The town of Martigues likes to define itself as an island in Provence. Just passing on the highway bridge to make his own mind when it comes near the city center. Called the Venice of Provence, the town of Martigues is an island in Provence, surrounded by water, between the Mediterranean, Channel and Etang de Berre. These are essentially three coastlines which are charming and tourist attractions.

The celebration of the sea and fishermen
If you live in the region, blocking the last Saturday of June in your diary to go to Martigues. St. Pierre is the opportunity to thank the patron saint of fishermen by a superb event that brings together diverse traditions of an old fishing port mediterranean. After the procession and why not a mass in Latin (that trend these days), do not miss the boat parade. The parade consists of many vessels from the French coast but also throughout the Mediterranean. They are so different types of boats that are the show chalus old rig ... The streets of the old town of Martigues, near the canals, also host different artists who exhibit sculptures and paintings, but also local artisans. The evening usually ends with a performance.

The games in Martigues Provence and the Venetian carnival
The town of Martigues is known by pictures highlighting its canals and boats decorated during the browsing of the feast of the sea These are also the games of Provence, whose trainings have traditionally held every Wednesday and Friday from 17:00 at 21:00 in summer on the canal Baussengue near City Hall, who made his reputation. The games are practiced in Provence on the Rhône, where the boats meet, and where he is the antagonist to not be pushed into the water by the antagonist of the boat in front.
For July, the 1st Saturday of July is to be noted in your shelves, venz attend the Venetian carnival. Since 1928, the Etang de Berre is the scene of a beautiful spectacle in Pyromelodic . Connect To a little early to park, the event attracted proof of its success more than 10,000 spectators.

Coastline, beaches Martigues, Carro
The coastline martégal has a dozen beaches. The coastline of 22 km from the town of Martigues is a variety of creeks and small coves belonging to the Blue Coast. The Blue Coast extends to Marseille to Martigues eastwards to the west. Take a trip on the sandy beach of St. Croix and 100 meters wide. The range of Verdon, the largest with its 300 meters is also traversed by the coastal path, a path lined with educational information and cultural heritage. Finish your day with a ride on the small fishing port of Carro. Fun also the first time for early risers. You'll also outline the way to the alternative lighthouse Cape Crown. For naturists, beach Bonnieu make your case. Other small beaches between rocks include the beaches of Laurons of Bonnieu.

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