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  Saturday, march 23, 2019 20:55 en Provence
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Saturday, march 23, 2019 
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Tourism and vacations : Hyères
Hyères is a renowned tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast. Certainly for its beaches, but especially for his site fun board and windsurfing. Waves and winds provided the delight of friends of the slides. The hot blast in southern France is also a guaranteed successful season for families and for stays in late summer and early fall. In addition to water you certainly go up to the castle after a detour through the streets and shops of downtown and its historic Victorian neighborhoods.

The spots Hyères: Almanarre or nothing :-)
The site is a site Almanarre Sports Sliding worldwide reputation for kite surfing, windsurfing, fun board. World Cup Fun Board and other global competitions are held regularly. The sliders of all kinds benefit from Mistral. When there is not and east wind, which is not the general case, the range of 4 km Almanarre is then protected from the wind for a relaxing trim.
amanarre is spot Base Camp many professional sports water slides. Since 2004, there is the exhibition Sliding late October - early November.

The city, the shops and castle of Hyères
The old town of Hyères was the first upscale tourist coast from Marseilles to Nice, even before waking up to tourism on the Riviera. The style houses, often Victorian, there are plentiful. More or less hidden behind their palms, you will see walking the streets carefully. Marvel at the remains of the outer walls of the old city, while strolling among the shops. The classic ride through the streets to the castle to admire the panorama.

Beaches and water quality in Hyères
Beaches Hyères not be reduced to Almanarre, the town of Hyères with 20 km of beach. On the other side of Tombolo on the east side of the peninsula, beautiful beaches protected from the wind will delight children. Without forgetting the islands .. Porquerolles, Port Cros ... short, a program. Madrague Badine, Bergerie, Les Pesquiers, The Aygade, Salinas, Capt .. to the beach every day for the curious!

Trip 2 visit .com trick...
The day belongs to those who rise early. If you do not have accommodation near beaches, arrive early to park. Ideally before 10:00 after it gets complicated!

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