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Saturday, march 23, 2019 
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Hiking in the Calanques
It is possible to visit the Calanques in any season, but attention was the access is very limited given the risk of fire. Some creeks like Sugiton to access strictly regulated according to seasons. Ilex still a draft National Park Calanques from Marseille to Cassis, to protect the site and spend it. Indeed it has been very successful, with visitors more or less friendly place. On Friday, February 13, 2009, the Interministerial Committee for National Parks has delivered its report to the Prime Minister. This report supports the creation of a park of the Creeks. The exact perimeter of the park would still be given to defining the route of the proposed high-speed line, but we already know that all the creeks are included in the coastline.

Fauna and flora unique in the Massif des Calanques
Many plant and animal species are protected and are / or endangered in the Calanques. Fifteen plant species are protected by law, fifty are rare or endangered. On the side of the animal kingdom, 22 species are endangered. 25 species of birds are also protected by law, as reptiles and butterflies ...
The appearance of dried Creeks is misleading, they are host to over 900 plant species or nearly 20% of French coins! Places are still very fragile, with less than 400 mm of rain per year. Coupled with the limestone massif, drought makes massive fragile but also ensures its specificity. During the Quaternary glacial advance, sixty plant species has survived only in the creeks with their unique climate. The flora of the creeks is considered as the most thermophilic and most xeric of France. We must open our eyes to observe nature discreet but very much alive.

The list of major creeks
Cove of Queyron
Calanque Podesta
Cove of Escu
Calanque Sormiou
Calanque Morgiou
Calanque Sugiton
In the cove-vau
Creek of Port Pin
Creek of Port Miou

Plant and animal species on your way

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