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  Saturday, march 23, 2019 20:21 en Provence
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Saturday, march 23, 2019 
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Tourism Beaux de Provence
Les Beaux de Provence is a beautiful small town in Provence has retained its original character. At the heart of the regional park of the Alpilles, the Beaux de Provence is one of the most visited sites of Provence. People come from afar to visit the Beautiful, which attracted a character of a traditional village in Provence who made the best of its heritage without distorting. The fine is part of the association of the most beautiful villages of France, which has for 1982 151 in 67 French departments. The association aims to reconcile villages with the future and therefore does not fall into caricature. The village is so beautiful and lives lived by the seasons of Provence. 2 million people visit Les Beaux de Provence each year.

Les Beaux de Provence, historic site
The castle's history of fine dates back at least to the twelfth century although it is known that the site has been inhabited since the Gallo-Roman. The castle has a dominant view over the valley, perched on a rock. The price of the visit is a little expensive for us (7.70 €), even if one understands the need to finance such demonstrations of shooting the catapult. One enters the castle through the village. 2 entries possible for the town of Fine, by Roy's house or one that was long the only village gate, the gate Eguyère. A note on it the arms of the House of Grimaldi are still visible, the Prince of Monaco who received the Barony of Les Baux in 1643 jusuq'en 1790. Today the Prince of Monaco retains the title of Baron just honorary.

To see and do in the Fine
Apart from the castle, there are a dozen places to see during your visit. Here are our Top 3 . The tourist office, located in the old guard, houses a collection of Santo de Provence, free admission. Bravo, also open all year. :) There are figurines of Neapolitan seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, figurines church of the nineteenth century but also and especially Santon figurines of famous in Provence: Louise Berger, Simone Jougla, Fouque, Jouve, Peyron Campagna ... < br> Come also attend a shooting catapult or attack the castle of Fine. Some catapults could fire up to 200 meters. Fine owns reproductions of several types: trebuchet, Couillard, tinker .. Expression of April to September.
Finally according to the news doing a little detour to the hotel of Piglets and Yves Brayer Museum which houses many exhibits Picasso ...

AOC Fine Wines of Provence
Finally we could not finish without mentioning the fine wines of Provence. Ten areas in 8 towns on AOC, the AOC was awarded in 1995. Evidence of quality initiative, commitment and respect for the environment, Fine wine grew 85% in soil organic or biodynamic.

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