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Wednesday, june 07, 2023 
... 20:00 in Paris 

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Rent or Buy a private island
Buying a private island
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More Rent or Buy a private island Buying a private island
Buying a private island: the dream of millionaires ...
This is one of the major trends in his last years: buy a private island or rent one for vacation when you're a true star or a real rich millionaire or billionaire instead. The dream may also be available on honeymoon for a few nights for example. Owning your own island is the ultimate in luxury for millionaires and other stars in lack of fun in real life.

Johny Deep pirate of the Caribbean for example, has bought an island in the Bahamas. Richard Branson, the multi-billionaire owner of Virgin and its two hundred subsidiaries also his island in the Caribbean. Necker Island, a paradise of 30 hectares he owns in the British Virgin Islands since 1979. On Necker Island, all energies are clean and the island is an open-air laboratory for the development of new clean energy. Richard Branson also sometimes rents its island VIPs very private. This island is completely isolated: 8 hours flight from St. Martin. An hour's flight from the island of Tortola is the nearest land!

An example of the cost of a private island Richard Branson bought the island 30 herctares in 1970 to 650 000 euros constant at an English lord in financial difficulties. He then invested 10 million euros. On the spot, and found 2 tennis courts, 3 beaches, and 6 blocks for the special guests of the island. Y have already been, among others: Robert De Niro, Larry Page, Kate Moss, Steven Spielberg .. But not everything is free and there are many millionaires to pay more than 20 000 dollars a week to stay in all inclusive tenant.

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Trip Rent or Buy a private island Buying a private island
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