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Sintra and Cascais castles and National Park
At just 20 kilometers north of Lisbon, lies the National Park of Sintra - Cascais, located on 2 tourist areas and very popular. I must say that Sintra and Cascais are located right on the Portuguese Riviera. Cascais means shell , shell is a former fishing village.
One to two days are necessary or even indispensable complement to the visit of Lisbon: the area is full of castles, picturesque streets, coastal landscapes, all focused on 20 by 40 kilometers. Even for fans of mechanical devices, the circuit of Estoril is located between the 2 heads places. 
Typical mill in Sintra, a legacy of the Arabs from the 8th century

Palacio da pena
Les châteaux, palais et quintas de Sintra
Si vos passez dans le coin, il vous faudra consacrer une journée pour voir l'essentiel de l'architecture de Sintra. En effet une petite balade s'impose dans les rues pour s'imprégner de l'ambiance portugaise et de cette superbe petite ville, classée en plusieurs points au patrimoine mondial de l'Humanité depuis 1995.

Dans le centre ville de Sintra, immanquable, le Palacio national. Sur les hauteurs de la ville, le Castelos dos Mouros. Et enfin le château du Palacio da Pena, accessible après une petite marche juste à l'extérieur de la ville, est un chef d'oeuvre architectural à visiter absolument. Une curiosité, le manoir ou Quinta da Regaleira, situé à 1 km du centre ville, palais construit par un franc-maçon millionnaire, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, à la fin du XIXème siècle. Par contagion, toute la zone s'est retrouvée valorisée jusqu'au petit village de pêcheur qu'était Cascais à l'époque. Aujourd'hui Cascais dépasse les 150 000 habitants. 

Coast Cascais - Sintra
Go through the small coastal road is a delight when one decides to cross the National Park Sintra Cascais. The park, one of 13 national parks of Portugal was created in 1994 but the area is protected and 1981. Halfway between Sintra and Cascais, the road takes you to Azoia; in the village you will easily find the road to Cabo de Roca, Cape Roca, the westernmost point of Europe.
The circuit of Estoril
The Estoril circuit hosted the Grand Prix Formula 1 until 1995. He was then in breach, but the FIA also sought at this time to distribute the major prize at the four corners of the planet ... Bin course other events are organized and you can indulge yourself with an internship or other F3000 cars powerful. 
Estoril track
TheEstoril track Portugal, Sintra in northern Lisbon

Sintra - Cascais, upscale resorts
Sintra and Cascais are located in the suburbs of Lisbon, but far enough to feel homesick. If places have been inhabited since the Neolithic, the city has begun to take shape during the Arab invasion in the eighth century AD But the fourteenth to the nineteenth century that the craze for region is developing under the leadership of King João of Portugal 1st and his successors. The Portuguese aristocracy Sintra appreciated both for the scenery, and weather of the mountain peak at 529 meters bringing freshness in a country the climate is particularly hot summer. Beyond the Portuguese town of Sintra was an anecdote, a little piece of paradise very appreciated by the poet Lord Byron.  


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