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Wednesday, june 07, 2023 
... 18:30 in Paris 

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Pierre et Vacances : MGM, Center Parc
Pierre et Vacances
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More Pierre et Vacances : MGM, Center Parc Pierre et Vacances
Pierre et Vacances: Tour operator and promoter Estate
The Pierre & Vacances Group does not know the crisis. But knowing the areas of its two businesses, tourist operators and developers, we could easily imagine that times are tough for the group as Gerard Bremond. Real estate is hard hit by declining appropriations and the holiday sector is experiencing a difficult period after four years of strong growth. Pierre et Vacances displays an almost insolent health including the opening of the 4th French Center Parc Moselle. Here are some explanations.

The advantages of Pierre et Vacances
Firstly, Pierre et Vacances is market leader in Europe which allows him if gray enjoy the premium leader. Moreover Pierre et Vacances has developed a model of local tourism. Its 225 000 beds and nearly 8 million customers are met as gray if we spend far less. And we spend less simply what is right in the heart of target Pierre et Vacances: Offer the cheaper card entry in the All Inclusive. 3rd problem, the French as Europeans have often needs to escape to escape their daily lives become difficult these days. Finally the group with cash, he plans and have begun making acquisitions or operations opportunity crisis. As for example in Spain where it takes positions in real estate on the Costa Del Sol. .

A solid group
Pierre et Vacances, 225,000 tourist beds is nearly 8 million customers, 18,000 employees in Europe (55% in France). If the CA is down 8% in 2007-2008 to $ 1.424 trillion euros, the company earned 73 million euros in income. If Park Center and MGM are his best-known brands with Pierre et Vacances, Maeva also found, Sun Park, Adagio, Latitudes Hotels and Citéa.

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Trip Pierre et Vacances : MGM, Center Parc Pierre et Vacances
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