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Photos trip Tanzania - Mountain Mawenzi kenya
The Mawenzi (5149 m), south face, seen from Kenya. The Mawenzi is in Tanzania, however, the border is so close. It was created by the English a little ax . The Mawenzi is the 3rd Summit of African, certain oblivion ... behind the neighbor Kibo summit of Africa also to Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and the 5199 meters. For the 3rd place on the podium, Mawenzi is often forgotten and little known as the 4th, the Ruwenzori 5109 meters.
The Mawenzi, Kilimanjaro range
The Mawenzi, one of the 3 peaks on the Kilimanjaro
For the story of Mawenzi vs Ruwenzori, then that sharing water in equatorial Africa between the Nile and Congo. It is the massive source of the Nile. The Ruwenzori thus reaches 5 109 meters to the Margherita peak and is positioned in elevation just behind the Mawenzi.
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Photos trip Tanzania - Mountain Mawenzi kenya

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