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Sunday, may 29, 2022 
... 8:09 in Paris 

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Photos trip Czech-Republic - Civilizations Astronomical clock
Astronomical Clock , a symbol of the city of Prague.
The astronomical clock in Prague is a medieval astronomical clock. It was déterrioré during WWII
The clock is run every hour until 21:00 and sounds

Astronomical Clock , Prague
You can see from the photo (above) the following figures:
vanity with a mirror;
avarice, or the rich man with his purse;
death, or the skeleton with his call bell;
lust is a Turkish prince with his mandolin.
The function of the clock was supposed to represent the orbits rotate around the Earth.
bottom one and 2 other angel figurines.
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Photos trip Czech-Republic - Civilizations Astronomical clock

Photo Czech-Republic Astronomical Clock , Prague : powered in 0,00 sec.
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