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Wednesday, october 20, 2021 
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Visit Fort de France, Martinique
Fort de France, Martinique

Fort de France is the capital of Martinique , and has over 100 000 inhabitants. The city is located in the center of the island on the Caribbean coast at the foot of Bluff Carbet. Created in the seventeenth century, the town of Fort Royal was renamed Fort de France. We get up early in Martinique to escape the heat. If you are staying outside Fort de France, avoid rush hours to get into the city, traffic jams are especially important! Fort de France is a coastal city, there is no ring road and bypass is difficult despite the D41 2x2 channels.

Iguane au Fort Saint Louis, Fort de france
The fort of Fort de France: Fort St. Louis
Fort St. Louis is the oldest monument of Fort de France, today it houses a naval base ... and many iguanas! The fort is again open to visitors - a tour only - which was not the case some years ago. This construction Vauban offers a superb view over the city. 

Markets at Fort de France
A must see! Especially the Spice Market, very typical in the heart of the city. The building housing the market dates from 1886. Rebuilt 2 occasions following natural disasters, it was restored in 1989. Having so if you have time: flower market, fish market and market fruits and vegetables.
Distillery Dillon
You can also visit the distillery Dillon, you've had a first taste if you traveled on Air France!

Good addresses

Distillery Dillon
Route Chateauboeuf

Spice Market
Carrefour Street Antoine Siger and Isambert
Monday to Saturday: 6am - 16h

Flower Market
Rue Paul Nardal
Monday to Saturday: 6am - 16h

market fruits and vegetables
Angle Boulevard De Gaulle and Rue du Pavé
Monday to Saturday: 5am - 16h

Fish Market
Place Clemenceau
Daily from 5am to 10am
A Schoelcher for a bite to eat if you go north after the morning With France
Brewers Brasserie Les 3
Palais des Congrès Madiana
Phone: - Fax:

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