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Wednesday, october 20, 2021 
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Around the West Regional Park: The Diamond Rock, Trois Ilets and handles d'Arlet
Park régionnal of Martinique covers much of the island is actually divided into several areas. It is very nice to spend at least a day to tour the coast, the Diamond andTrois Ilets. Leaving aside by the city and hotels to discover a succession of coves, beaches more or less wild and unusual places. Petit tour starting from the south and the Diamond Rock.
The Diamond Rock
The Diamond Rock
The Diamond Rock
The rock of Diamond culminates at 176 meters a short distance from the coast of Martinique. It is always welcomed by the British navy, which is considered a vaiseau of the British Navy!Her Majesty Ship Diamont Rock ! Indeed, the rock of Diamond was a few years under British control: its strategic position allowed to control the passage of ships between Martinique and the nearby island of St. Lucia. The Diamond offers diving enthusiasts a great show and is a renowned spot.

The Anse Noire, west coast, Martinique
The Anse Noire, west coast, Martinique
The Anses d'Arlet
The Petite Anse d'Arlet is discovered after the rising edge of the Diamond, then it is the turn of Anse Chaudière and Grande Anse d'Arlet. The perfect place for lunch: quiet, cozy restaurants in value attractive roadside. The beaches will offer you more quiet than the rest of the south-west.

L'anse Noire et l'anse Dufour
Take the trouble to descend the steep and narrow road: you are in the creeks worthy film pirates! 

Back to civilization
The peak marks the end of the return to human activities denser. You can visit the Pagerie, birthplace of the Empress Josephine Tasher Pagerie the wife of Napoleon. And also the pottery village a little further, bringing you to the road.
The museum Pagerie, Josephine
The museum Pagerie

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