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Travel Guides Malaysia The north-eastern road : Lake Chini, Taman Negara, Khota Baru
The north-eastern road : Lake Chini, Taman Negara, Khota Baru
This stage, which leads north-east Malaysia is doing if you spend 2 weeks in the country. Or will he sacrifice corners pretty well known on the west coast .. Before you go to the central mountains, you dévouvrirez the Lake Chini and the park of Taman Negara, to finish your journey in the very traditional city in Khota Bahru. This route not only along the coast, we prefer the park of Taman Negara.

Chini lakes: Loch Ness Asian
Chini lakes are located 120 kilometers east of Kuala Lumpur. This region has twelve lotus-covered lakes from June to September, the ideal time to get there. The program on 2 days (our council) visit to the mangroves and lakes in Kano. Area lakes Chini are the domain of the indigenous Orang Asli community, which continues for many of them believe in the legend of the dragon, snake, living quiet lake chini.

Park Taman Negara
After regaining the road a few miles on your steps, heading north, destination national park Taman Negara, one of the most famous in Malaysia and one of the oldest primary forest in the world. You have to take the boat to get there. Former Park King George V, is home in his old forest 130 million years, numerous animal and plant species: butterflies, tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, hundreds of species of birds .. The humanities are many attractions at the foot of Gunung Tahang and its 2187 meters: visit caves (bats), stair climbing, rafting or fishing are allowed. Walking up the hill to Teresik is the classic park, like the night out to identify animals and birds.
If the best period is from March to September, the ideal is to combine a visit to the park with lakes Chini on the end of this period. Allow 2 to 3 nights there. Unless you want to do the Gunung Tahang, then after 9 days for this trek helpful to us.

Traditions in Khota Bahru
After the jungle, and the efforts of nature, up to Khota Bahru and Malaysia culinary and 400 km north. To get there, towards the center and the town of Gua Musang. Quick stop near the Chinese temple, pui sdirection Machang / Khota Baru. Traditions, including Muslim, occupies an important place in this town near the Thai border. You will Sliding customs surprising. Do not miss the wonderful night market, one of the largest in Malaysia. You'll be amazed by the colors of various fruits and vegetables, exotic dishes including Ayam Percik and also crafts.

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Trip Malaysia The north-eastern road : Lake Chini, Taman Negara, Khota Baru
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