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Treks in Kenya: Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya
Sunset on Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro is in Kenya but in Tanzania is well known The point is relevant, but you know he also climbed Kenya side? The geographic border between Kenya and Tanzania has been invented by the English and the Queen of England. If the summit of Kilimanjaro is 100% in Tanzania, access to certain roads is more convenient by Kenya. But Kenya is known primarily for the summit of the same name, Mount Kenya. 

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa, behind the front of the Kibo and Mawenzi, two of the 3 craters Kilimanjaro. Located further north than the Kili, the ice of its 12 glaciers melt a little slower but also alarming ways. The wildlife park of Mount Kenya are exceptional. The micro-climate that prevails in the retention and evolution of plant species cousins of those in the Alps. It is possible to mount the Lenana peak (4985 m) without climbing. Mount Kenya is the alpine flora by Kili but also by its steepest peaks. The ascent of Mount Kenya itself is climbing. As for the park's Kilimanjaro, he must pay a fee to park and call for a local team.
Giant groundsel (senecon)

3700 meters, good night!
Volcanic Kilimanjaro
The Kilimanjaro massif is composed of three craters, all 3 in Tanzanian territory:
  • Shira at an altitude of 3962 m, west
  • Mawenzi to 5149 m in the east, the third summit of Africa
  • Kibo in the center, which is the roof of Africa at 5895 m at a place called Uhuru Peak

The ascent can be done later Kenya by way Ronga , otherwise called Nalemoru route . Over the course we pass successively to Tanzania and Kenya, without knowing where the 2 countries we are! Rong is a village on the border Kenya / Tanzania. Pathways North East well in Tanzania, are easier to access via Kenya.
Trip2visit tricks
Many tour operators offer treks, please contact specialized agencies that are best honed. The National Park Mount Kenya is accessible via the airport in Nairobi. For Kili, can be reached via Nairobi and then 6 hours of Pitse about. If only the top you want, choose an ascent via Tanzania and Kili airport. See also our pages on neighboring Tanzania.

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