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The national park of Kenya: the spoiled for choice
Kenya has around two dozen national parks:
Amboseli, Aberdares, Hell's Gate, Kilimanjaro, Sibiloi, Mount Kenya, Mount Meru, Mount Elgon, Nakuru ... The country is aware of his wealth has made Notament after the 2nd World War, the means to create all its national parks.
You will find below some information on the parks. Most have a uniqueness and / or are known for several animals in particular. 

Elephant in Amboseli national park, Kenya
Elephant in Amboseli national park, Kenya
The park's reputation was made primarily for its elephant herds. Amboseli Park is located at the foot of Kilimanjaro, which gives it its water reserves. It has been optimized to conserve water as possible, which attracts many species and especially the elephant. This park near the Tanzanian border is a victim of his reputation and is sometimes overcrowded ... tourists! It is worth seeing for its framework and devoured film. Attention, follow guidelines, the park's survival depends on it.

He is known for the species endangered that are black serval (a cat) and bongo (an antelope).

Sibiloi National Parks - Central Island
The site is classified World Heritage by UNESCO. It is located in northern Kenya. This park is famous for the diversity of species of birds and crocodiles of the Nile. The desert site allows a unique study of the fauna and flora, on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Hell's Gate
Renowned for its spectacular gorges and raptors. 

Kilimanjaro Park
Splendid lunar landscape, fauna and flora (giant groundsel ...) varies with altitude. For trekeur! The Kibo is the roof of Africa at 5895 meters.
Park Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa at 5199 meters above sea level Kili As it is a volcano culminat formerly at 6500 meters. It speaks to the Kilimanjaro at an altitude up to 12,000 feet at a time, before what crater exploded! All glaciers (12) melt at high speed, as in Kili alas. The landscapes are more alpine than Kili: rugged peaks, wooded slopes. Some species of alpine flora have cousins in Africa.
Meru National Park
Beautiful landscapes in altitude. The attendance is up gradually, the park has experienced fatal accidents in 80 years that have tarnished his reputation.
Mount Elgon National Park Reserve
The park is also a park with altitude flora and fauna da specific, it culminates at 4321 meters. The groundsels are numerous in the crater, there are also Podocarpus or pine Buddhists (a monk), bamboo ... and all the fauna of the forest ...  
Flora altitude, Kenya

Massai people
Massai people
Park Nakuru
This park is known as the authorities try to reintroduce the black rhino, a species in extinction, a few hundred animals were still alive.
Maasai Mara National Reserve
Although known to lovers of African wildlife, national park located in northern Kenya is juxtaposed to Serengueti Tanzania. This region is one of the Masai warrior, one of the people who made the reputation of Kenya, by the side Notament photogenic Maasai outfits. Superb
human side as much as flora - fauna. 

The marine parks and Kisite Mpunguti
Space for diving! All southern Kenya to the Tanzanian border, they each cover 11 and 28 square km. They cover up some small islands where the coral and aquatic wildlife thrive: Moray eels, groupers, scorpionfish , rays, green sea turtle, Hawksbill turtle, dolphins ... Humpback whales there are also some passages Seasonal.

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