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Nairobi, capital of Kenya
Embleme, tribunal de Nairobie
Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. It has no particular tourist interest, apart from its national park. Nairobi is a city in Africa, ca no doubt at first sight! The historic center seems frozen in the 70s, most buildings recalling an old style colonial Anglo-Saxon. On the outskirts of downtown, the city is growing slowly and we may see some modern building.

Nairobi, city of the third world
The city is quite diverse: here a market, is a residential area, across a slum, then a mosque, then a branch auto ... It is also quite dirty. Some neighborhoods are real cuts grooves even in daylight. Poverty is very present in town, the countryside has a much better living standards. The rate of people with AIDS around 30%! On 10 personnnes seen in the street, 3 have AIDS, on average ... One feels a certain pressure and negative attention to the tourist bus. You should not wander off alone. 

hotel Nairobie
Hotel in Nairobi
The hotels are guarded 7 / 7 and 24 / 7 by the army to ensure the safety of tourists. There is no security problem, the guard is fairly discreet and deterrent. Are only passing in Nairobi, the city tour bus is interesting - it must be seen to be believed. It would be a shame not to see the capital, if only to make his own idea and have an overall view of the country. 

The Nairobi National Park
It is surprising to imagine a national park within 10 miles of a big city like Nairobi! Yet this is the case and it st can just see the animals along the road bordering the park. Unfortunately during our last visit in early 2004 the park was closed. Indeed following climate perturbations has rarefied wildlife in the park, leaving the last one without predators pantry other than agricultural Masai herds.

The board
Emphasize a hotel halfway between the airport and the city, you'll be quieter. Use only bottled water, even to rinse your teeth. Go into the game Backchich, that you can avoid big trouble baggage-not worth taking the risk of losing some objects. Keep well all your important documents with you or under supervision of co-travelers. For comparison, the risk of theft or small problem is highest in North Africa.

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