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Lake Balaton, the real sea of Hungary
Lake Balaton is the Inland Sea Hungary . This lake, the largest in Central Europe, situated in Transdanubia, is the ideal holiday resort of Hungarians, but also a popular vacation spot and the Germanophones Poles, Slovaks ... The water reached 26 ° C l ' summer. Lake Balaton is known since antiquity and its banks have been colonized by the Romans.

In parallel with the tourist boom taking place in Western Europe, Lake Balaton draws from the late nineteenth century the upper classes and intellectuals. During the Soviet period is the nomenklatura who will benefit from its shores, its gray water shimmering yellow & green, and its mud. The water and mud of Lake Balaton bringing their benefits against anemia and fatigue

Characteristics of Lake Balaton
The lake is 78 km in length. He reached up to 14 km in its widest point. It is shallow, because it is situated in a plain 3 and 5 meters to 12 meters maximum. In its southern shore is shallow shoreline suitable for bathing children. Lake Balaton is located in a volcanic zone, which probably leads to fill the depth of the lake. The Tihany peninsula is one more proof. This protected ecological area almost cut the lake in 2, in its narrowest point - 1.5 km wide. Lake Balaton is powered by a thirty small afluentes, whose principal, the Zala, crosses the Little Balaton and Kis Balaton, a marshy area south west of the lake. The waters of Lake Balaton flows into the Danube after having crossed the channel Sió .

The trick
Stroll in the early morning on the shores of Lake Balaton is the best time with the sunset to enjoy it! In summer, you will relish a bath on awakening or midnight swim in the lake water remains warmer than the air!

Hungary, flags in the wind

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