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Visit Budapest, the pearl of the Danube
Budapest, the pearl of the Danube
Budapest deserves its nickname Pearl of the Danube! The city is beautiful and resembles in many aspects to Prague with a mixture of different style of invaders who succeeded to his door. Budapest has an amazing cultural heritage, a mixture of styles deriving their origins from the Roman baths, from the Ottoman emprire the Soviet occupation of Austria ... Several areas of the city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
The city was formed by combining the spiritual Buda on the right bank and Pest on the popular and industrial left bank of the Danube, mighty river flowing south and the Black Sea. Budapest is a city which has extensive 2.2 million inhabitants, but no buildings disproportionate here instead of buildings on a human scale. Here are our tips for a short visit to Budapest, where you can give between 1 and 4 days of visit.

Budapest, Buda

Fishermen's Bastion and imperial eagle, Budapest
The Buda Castle
Monument must! As the Prague Castle, the Buda Castle dominates the city's superb. It contains within it the Fishermen's Bastion, Matthias Church (XIV century) where Sissi was crowned Queen of Hungary, the Royal Palace and several museums. It was designated in 1987 as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The view over the Danube and Pest is superb. You can get there by car or bus, we prefer the funicular side of the Danube, or even better a discovery walk in ESCALANDES Hill. At the foot of the funicular which opens at 7:30, take the voice that rises to your left under the arms. Access on your right after a few will take you on a small road leading to the Palais Royal. He leads under the statue of the imperial eagle. Further north of the castle lies the Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion. 

The buildings and monuments of Pest: Presidential Palace, Synagogue and Church
If you are staying in downtown Pest and pull off in the evening, the Basilica of Saint-Etienne can not escape. It houses the relics of the Hungarian Holy Dextre , the mummified arm of the 1st king of Hungary, Stephen. Farther north along the Danube impossible to miss the Hungarian Parliament and its 691 rooms, 268 meters long, 96 meters high, the largest building in the country. Of neo-Gothic style, was built from 1884 to 1904: 20 years of work! The palace is also a World Heritage of Unesco and the Andrassy Avenue and Terms.
Focus on The Jewish quarter of BudapestEndangered 
Budapest Castle

Heros' place Budapest, Hongary
From Chain Bridge to the Place des Heros by Andrassy Avenue
Cultural Avenue Castle starts and ends at City Park. Between these 2 points and if you have patience, cross the Chain Bridge, JA Utca Street or the Champs Elysees of Budapest, Andrassy Avenue, which ends with the establishment of Heroes. You've traveled 4 kilometers, steeped in history and culture! Museums, Opera House, theaters, statues and monuments and the oldest subway in Europe the way you expect. After 2 kilometers of the Andrassy Avenue, you will arrive at the Heroes square of Hungary, which represented the 7 lords of Hungary who helped the formation of the kingdom, and kings elevated to hero of Hungary  

The terms and Parks
To conclude the visit, give a half-day at the spa, where a Turkish hamam is even open to women! The reputation of the terms of Budapest is more to do and the qualities termales were already well known since Roman times. Stroll around the park. Other
park, the park of Margaret Island, located on the Danube, you enchetera. Ile is forbidden to drive and has 2 spa hotels and cafes. 

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