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Wednesday, june 07, 2023 
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Visiting Hungary is a nice trip
Hongary Budapest
Hungary Budapest, Hungary Carpathians, Hungary Balaton ...
countries Mr. Rubik will surprise you with its various facets. wished to present Hungary, a country little known to French and especially the French. Besides you are able to locate Hungary on the map of Europe? Yet the country is politically since the tenth century. You will find some hints below to locate ...
This beautiful country has a rich heritage and splendid heritage. For example you can find in Budapest's largest synagogue in Europe, but also famous Roman baths. The team Trip2visit. Com has been seduced by Hungary and the Hungarians, who are always ready to welcome you. 

Hungary, a tourist country ...
Hungary joined the EU in 2004, and it shows: the European flags were also visible that the Hungarian flags. The country has completely turned its economy toward the West since 1991.
tourism side the first to benefit are the Austrians and Germans, who have replaced the Soviet nomenklatura. Hungary has therefore been a great tradition of tourism and hospitality: no problem then to go and find a hotel, or even move on the spot, particularly in Budapest.
... full of history.
Hungary has crossed several times since the 7 lords of Hungary, then to the rank of kingdom. The great Hungarian stretched from modern Hungary to the far end of the Carpathians in what is now Romania. But the country has undergone in occupations as diverse as the frontier of the Roman Empire, in the Turkey also took possession of the Austrians, Russians, Mongols ... More recently the annexation of Hungary in the Soviet bloc has strongly influenced its history 
The St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest
The St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

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Come on, we'll help a little if you do not find where to put your finger on the map. Hungary is bordering Austria, Slovakia ... Miss the visit to Budapest, the pearl of the Danube. Complete your stay by the turn of Lake Balaton, a passage through the vineyards and makes a leap into the Carpathians. Hurry, Hungary awaits you!

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Palais Budapest

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