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The Champagne vineyards and traditions
At the time of Reims starts 45 minutes from Paris, Champagne knows a growing interest both for its stone walls for its vineyards. If the wine industry in France facing difficulties, this is not true Champagne, which has never been better. But beyond the vineyards, Champagne is a small corner of France where life is good: human-sized cities, yet affordable housing (for how many times elsewhere) ... Earth history, too, by the sacred kings in Reims, or even the Franco-German reconciliation.
A wealth of first order
The city of Reims has a number of sites classified as world heritage of mankind: the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims, the Basilica Saint-Remi, the Palais du Tau and the Saint-Remi Museum. See also, the church Saint-Jacques, the Basilique Sainte Clotilde, Porte de Paris, the Place de l'Hotel de Ville, the Champagne house rebuilt after the First World War in an art deco style. 
Reims Cathedral


Champagne Cellars
You will not miss the must-visit champagne cellar and chalk pits. We recommend you visit the cellars of Veuve Clicquot , in Reims. Taittinger is one notch below in comparison. But you have the choice, as Reims in the rest of the Champagne producers are numerous! 
Chimney chalk pits in Reims
Chimney chalk pits in Reims

Régionnal Park of the Montagne de Reims
You will enjoy crossing on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, the park of the mountain of Reims. Between Reims and Epernay, this region is the historic birthplace of Champagne wines, with nearly 9,000 hectares of vineyards today. Very typical! Whether talking with residents and farmers, or by strolling along the canal side of the Marne. 

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