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Saturday, august 24, 2019 
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Visit and lazing in Pays Basque
This beautiful tourist destination open to all! Whether you're a fan of surfing and trendy bars, or simply a family seeking to sobriety, or seeking tranquility and a quiet corner. The Basque Country (Pays Basque in local language) is full of nuance and color and taste will surprise you. Also between sea and mountains, what to choose? And why not 2 at a time. Entre2 travel you some ideas.
Sea and beach on the Basque coast, Biarritz focus on
From Biarritz to Hendaye via Saint-Jean de Luz, you are spoiled for choice. To help a little, we have chosen to stop first at Biarritz. Why this choice? Well, for the following reasons: Biarritz is certainly the European capital of surfing and has a beautiful beach in the heart of the city. But Biarritz is also a rich cultural heritage attractive: historic monuments, the Biarritz lighthouse, museums (the museum of the sea, chocolate, museum history ...). For fans of shopping the city fashionable will not disappoint you.

Viewed from Biarritz: the beach, hotels and the flagship
Viewed from Biarritz: the beach, hotels and the flagship

Typical street in Bayonne
Visit Bayonne
Less touristy than its nearby Biarritz, Bayonne will seduce you with its charming downtown. At the confluence of the Adour and Nive, the city is marked by water. The typical medieval facades reinforce the attractiveness of the area of the Adour, but please also enter through the narrow streets toward the center of the Cathedral. Galleries Lafayette is not only in Paris, the building remains sympathetic even (especially) without having to remove the card.
hinterland and mountains of the Basque Country
What a treat, ideally in the spring to enjoy the varied colors and declined in all grades after a small shower of spring. If you do not like cheese Le Petit Basque , it's time you visit a local producer that beyond the cheese will always be a small local history for you to taste in addition. 

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