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  Thursday, february 02, 2023 17:17 en France
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Thursday, february 02, 2023 
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Visit of Lille, the capital of Flanders
Lille Beffroi
A bit of history at Lille ...
city of Lille is born of DeŻle, river flow at small but well located geographically, commercially. Situated between the cities Flammand, the city of Lille's first known success and expansion in maritime port on the DeŻle being an important development priority. The city, first Flemish, then became possession of the dukes of Burgundy and the Spanish. It's Louis XIV, who conquered it for France in 1667.  

Lille cultural capital
Lille was in 2004 European Capital of Culture. Culture is ever present in Lille where to live in a pleasant town with varied entertainment: theater, sports, exhibitions .. Features include: Palace of Fine Arts, 2nd museum of France after the Louvre, the Musťe de l'Hospice Comtesse in downtown, the house Place Charles de Gaulle who was born in Lille in 1890, the Museum of History Natural and Geology and the Museum of Gunners Sedentary; the center of Contemporary Religious Art, the Museum of the Pasteur Institute ... In short there has something to do! 
The Vieille Bourse

Place du thťatre
Lille: Monuments
Do not miss the Grand Place and Place of the theater next door. You'll find the main buildings to see or visit, outside of museums: the Vieille Bourse, the Grand Guard, the Goddess, the Opera. Not far away either, instead of City Hall (Roger Salengro place) where you can not miss the famous Belfry Also see Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral of the nineteenth century and the citadel of Lille. 

Transport in Lille
The city of Lille is particularly well equipped: 2 metros, 1 in the world automated 2 trains tram; 20,000 parking spaces in the center; bus but also cycling, with bike Ch'ti. Enjoy it, the city is so flat and is green!

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