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Tourism in the Landes: countries Marsan and Armagnac
You go in the Landes? In general, apart from the tourist coast and rolls, the rest of the Landes region is often ignored. A mistake? To us you must spend a day or two with Armagnac and Marsan. From foie gras, floc de Gascogne, Armagnac, medieval villages, countryside and forest, this is an area that will make you a little off the beaten path and waterfront tourism in the Landes, it is therefore also the country of Marsan and the region of Armagnac. Not convinced? If we say Landes Race , St. Jacques de Compostela, villages of the 13th century ... rechercher 
Bottle of Armagnac

Fortified Church of La Bastide d'Armagnac
Fortified Church of La Bastide d'Armagnac
Walk in Armagnac
Gascony ... you know at least D'Artagnan, from the Gers, just to the east ... Wood and his friends-without-thirst of the legend! Of course this is a transition for this rich beverage that is subtle with Armagnac, brandy produced 6 million bottles per year. Armagnac is eaten, as their lands and castles he takes time to appreciate.
Make a detour to La Bastide d'Armagnac, Armagnac down, for example. Admire the contrast of colors, small hills, vines, churches and other buildings typical of the Middle Ages, quiet places ... it breathes all the land.
For most athletes, the ride is very pleasant cycling on quiet roads. Nearby, stop 2 minutes at Notre Dame des Cyclists. 

The country Marsan
A few kilometers further west, Mont de Marsan. The capital and Marsan Landes is a small town where life is good for cheap. Indeed, not much around: friends of peace, welcome! Give a short day in the city, if your agenda is consistent with the period of racing Landes. Always our advice, the cycling is very nice and favored by cycling around the city on the flat portions in Armagnac. In the neighborhood, spend a few moments to medieval buildings. An example, the fortified church of St. Medard de Geloux. 
Maison Landes typical
Maison Landes typical

Saint Vincent de Paul
Saint Vincent de Paul
If you go through the Landes to go on the Basque coast Landes coast or, you may spend close to Dax. Along the N124 and easily accessible from this 2 Way s take an hour or two to visit the birthplace of St. Vincent de Paul. Nice break for most cultured and religious of you is also an opportunity to satisfy the munchies. For all, the decision can be justified by the presence of an oak historic monument. The oak tree in question has been St. Vincent de Paul! 

The route of St. Jacques de Compostela
Most believers of you and walkers penitent will of course not lose sight of the country Marsan, Gascony and Landes are generally located fully on the road to St Jacques de Compostela. Another original way to visit the region by crossing the main road of Saint Jacques. Between Saint Jacques, Saint Vincent de Paul, Our Lady of cyclists ... here is a pious country!

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