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Thursday, august 05, 2021 
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Real Estate in Dominican Republic
Real estate in Dominican Republic develops on 2 areas, construction of new upscale resorts and construction of modern villa. Prices in tourist areas are preserved on the rise, Notament in the Samana peninsula and East Park Los Haitices.

Resorts - Hotels club - the Dominican
tourist hotels are PLETOR on the coast. The first emerged in the 70s, Notament to Boca Chica. They then developed along the coast to the coast of coconut. The northeast coast has been spared, Notament the peninsula and Samana Sabana de la Mar, these 2 sites are more readily available, and the park Los Haitices affecting the sea to protect a little more. The development of Hotels Club has been pushed by the Americans, very present in the island. The Hilton are many such. 
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Hotels in Dominican Republic
The small hotels are numerous in the Dominican Republic but he must know! It is best to check with a tourism company to make a self-tour for example.
Sure values in Santo Domingo is located in the historic district:
- Hotel Mercure Comercial
$ 50 - Sofitel Frances, from $ 92
- Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando, from $ 151. The price is justified by the context of the hotel was built in 1502 by the 1st Governor of the Americas.
- The hotels El Beaterio and Doña Elvira will give you a good accommodation for $ 50/night.  

Buying and renting property in Dominican Republic
Tourist rental: you can rent villas comfortable, upscale from $ 200 per day. Villa correct from 100 € per day.
Buy a house in the Dominican Republic is now affordable even if prices are already mounted. It is however far prices Marakech and € 150,000 to 200,000 total comfort is there, worn flight. Note that there is no tax or inheritance tax in the Dominican Republic. trick
For travel packages - in all inclusive - choose 5 star resorts and do not fall below 4, on pain of having big surprises. 3 star hotels are generally older and not always well entrenus. So beware of tempting offers to cut price on the web. The stars are not the parade cockroach, it is normal to find in such countries. By cons attention to food, more varied with the stars. The rooms are much better. Finally the star system is not the same in France! Remove into a see both.

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