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Thursday, august 05, 2021 
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Health and hygiene in Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is in the tropics, we must take precautions to fight against mosquitoes, as well as hygiene and nutrition.

Diseases in Dominican Republic
  • Since 2006, the index of risk for malaria has been noted by the French authorities and if you stay in the Republic DOMINICAN, you can not give blood within 4 months following your return to France. In dry periods the country is not invaded by mosquitoes, ask advice of your physician. Dengue and lymphatic filariasis are also present, but as malaria, are present in area and not so widespread.
  • Rabies has not been héradiquée Dominican Republic.
  • Rickettsial fever or Q: This is a bacteria transmitted to humans by ticks. It is found in many animals, horses, rabbits, cow, sheep. The disease can be serious in a person heart and can even abort a pregnancy.
  • Beware of ciguaterra, food infection occurring after consumption of fish inedible. This is the case of certain fish reefs.
  • Hepatitis: good advice, do not taste or eat food cut with machetes, as cane sugar, for example.

Sex, drugs and sex tourism in Dominican Republic
  • AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are present in the Dominican Republic. The country Latin is a little warm but not too much, the Dominican authorities have recovered the bar in recent years. Young women tend to look for the rich foreigner to marry a factor of social climb.
  • Perhaps that offers drugs at the exit of some resorts, but a polite refusal and in the right mood Sufira. The Dominicans are not aggressive s, te more drug trafficking is punishable Severre Dominican Republic.

Care in Dominican Republic
As in any country in South America, it is far from the level of health services French. The resorts usually have a doctor available. The best care will be paid even if the consultation is free at the hospital.

Trhe trick
Beware of tourista, more powerful than Tunisia example. Provide the right products.
Do not forget your kit repellent and sunscreen with a high index, the tropics are particularly aggressive.

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