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Czech Republic
Why go to Czech Republic? To visit Prague? Yes but not only, Czech Republic is more than Prague! The Czech Republic is a beautiful country to visit, mountains to its periphery and having great plains in the center, beautiful flowing rivers such as the Vltava. The Czech Republic has a rich cultural heritage and not only to Prague as one might think. The towns of Karlovy Vary, Brno moravian wine, Ostrava, Plzen ... are also tourist attractions. Czech mountains provide a playground in summer and winter, especially in winter with hundreds of miles of trails cross country skiing!

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge

Tchéquie, Czech and Czech Republic
The term Tchéquie is about a specific language to French. This derogatory term is limited to the Czechs, who are very attached to Czech Republic . Tell them not to Czechoslovakia, it is the past. The Russian and former Soviet Union are not the most senior in the hearts of Czechs, history requires

Prague by night
The Czech Cultural Heritage
The Czech Republic, like most Central European countries, was strongly influenced by the Soviet occupation. The architecture of Czech towns is a mix of styles Communist , Orthodox, Jewish, middle-ages, and just Czech! The Western visitor will be surprised at the first visit by this mix. He gives particular Prague its particular charm. Other cities have also developed their styles with influences from neighboring countries. 

The landscape of the Czech Republic
Nature and Culture. These 2 words are enough to sum up the landscape of the country. The towns are baroque, spas, romantic, historical ... The countryside and mountains are preserved. The Czechs are fanatic of skiing and mountains. Theirs does not exceed 1650 meters, but offer a wild, with many national park. The Czech Republic has several ski resorts, all in protected area. The northern area is particularly impressive is a paradise for cross-country skiers.

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