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That party, the shooting of Secret of the Unicorn has started! Steven Spielberg is packaged, and understandably so because he realized a childhood dream. In 1982, Hergé had accepted the proposal of the director. But Spielberg had abandoned because of technical possibility and considering the work of Hergé unadaptable. Then the idea back on the front of the stage, implementation was hampered with the death of Hergé and negotiations with rights holders. With 130 million dollars and the technology of the 21st century, it is the means seem to be up! There remains the difficult challenge of adapting the technique of clear line film.

Attempts film
In 1947 we find the first attempts to adapt Tintin in Cinema, a film strip, ie a sequence of slide, for a version of Crab with the Golden Claws . In the 1960s' were filmed 2 movies, The Mystery of the Golden Fleece and Tintin and the Blue Oranges . From 1959 to 1972 it was the turn of the next album to be incorporated into a cartoon: Ottokar's Scepter , The Broken Ear , Temple Sun with a summary at the beginning of scenario The 7 Crystal Balls , and finally Tintin and the Lake of Sharks .

Tintin yes, but what actor?
If Spielberg took his time, it is also the difficult choice of players. This is Jamie Bell, a young British actor, who won the role. After a role in Billy Elliot is an actor and finds himself propelled to 1 plan, double or quits! At his side, Daniel Craig - James Bond - will perform Rackham le Rouge. Even Gad Elmaleh will be valued!

An animated film
To stick as closely as possible to the series and work of Hergé, and avoid the disappointments of previous achievements, the Secret of the Unicorn will be an animated film. In order to stick to the realistic scenery of the DB and add (back) a touch of cartoon characters. Ditto, the fluidity of the characters, their expression may be more elaborate than what one would play classical actor. The film will be produced using technology 3D motion capture , Steven Spielberg said in a presentation at the festival of Angoulême. This technology captures the movements of actors through multiple sensors on their bodies. This will adjust facial expressions and body movements to the work of Hergé.

The Tintin trilogy
After Secret of the Unicorn , are 2 other parts which will be directed by Peter Jackson. There is no doubt that Jackson, director of the trilogy Lord of the Rings will strive to achieve excellent results!

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