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The Museum of Comic Strips in Brussels
Therefore we must Museum of Brussels. This museum of public funding is comfortably installed in a building in Art Nouveau style in the heart of Brussels, near the busy shopping street in Newfoundland and also between different headquarters of the Belgian bank Fortis. We find in this building the museum, but also a restaurant, a library devoted to comics, a small store for more comics fans. 

A look on the building and the lobby
And yes you are right now in the subject upon entry into the museum you expect Asterix and Deuche Boule et Bill, in a beautiful glass roof typical of Art Nouveau. On your left the shop, the restaurant right at the bottom to access the library. And right downstairs also Art Nouveau takes you to the fund and the beginning of the visit of the universe of small Miquet
The Museum of Comic Strips Hall

Lucky Luke
The 1st floor of the museum: history and design of a cartoon
Here you can go back to the beginning of the Comic Strip: What were the main actors of the 9th art, how does makes it a comic and what are all the trades of the profession, which is not limited to designer and writer! In fact the designer, who is the supervisor of the project, delegating many tasks to the writer but also the decorator, inking, lettering, colourist ... On the manufacturing front, the printing is live correctors, photographers, editors, bookbinders ... without forgetting the sales teams. It runs and the evolution of technology and trades, through marketing and film adaptations. Space Saint Roch this treasure which exposes 300 original plates of many comics. The boards are the treasure of the museum, with over 3,000 archive plates exposed in turn. 

Highest: Place for authors and their heroes
On 2nd and 3rd floor respectively referred to as the Museum of the Imagination Museum of Modern comics , we find all our favorite heroes, and everyone we know not given the wealth of comic creations-cinesques! Lucky Luke, the Smurfs, Dany Bick, Spirou, Alix Gaston Lagaffe, Boule et Bill, Rahan - Hair of Fire, Plunk, Ric Rattle, Barbara and Eric Red, Tanguy and Laverdure, Buddy Longway, Blake and Mortimer The Tifous, Johan and Pirlouit, Asterix, Oumpapah Bob Morane, Small Biniou much for the 1st floor, it will stop there are still many heroes at the top! 

Tintin And in all this?
You tell us, surprising that the museum of the 9th Belgian art nothing is said of Tintin! Rest assured him a place on course. You will learn and why:
- Tintin succeeds while
- Tintin is one
- Tintin is everybody
And also a full turn on the main characters and constructs scenarios of the series by Herge.

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