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  Wednesday, june 07, 2023 18:06 en Belgium
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Wednesday, june 07, 2023 
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Tourism in Belgium
Visit Brussels
Museum of Comic Strips
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Make a detour through Belgium once - at least!
Belgium, once at least! This country French multifaceted cultural charm you during your visit, if you like biking, comics, beer, forests, churches and walls of red bricks typical, and of course Belgian chocolates. Belgium is a country in Europe consists of 3 very different regions, namely the Dutch-speaking Flanders, Francophone Wallonia and the Capital Region Brussels to partially mix the 2 cultures. Brussels is also the headquarters of the European Union, the city speaks many languages and you will not escape conversations unusual in the least little restaurant at the corner of a plate of mussels - fries! 
tintin rocket

Tour of Wallonia
Wallonia is known for his character especially festive, as in the wild nights of Liege. Come also assist in Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the oldest cycling race still popular! Liege-Bastogne-Liège was founded in 1892, his first name is Dean. The race of 260 km long journey in the Ardennes loop. For doing a small turn Aqualibi south of Brussels near Wavre. 

Tour of Flanders
You'll like Flemish architecture of churches like the St. Bavo Cathedral and Mystic Lamb , the facades of houses and buildings from the Middle Ages. Do not miss visiting the Venice of the North: you wander along the canals in Bruges, visit churches. Side Cycling, Flanders is very well equipped with cycle path and other equipment. Come watch the Tour of Flanders and the Fleche Wallonne! Or at least a small round or a fair, very typical and popular.
And of course the legendary Antwerp and diamonds, which channels are a real pleasure for your walks and your evenings.

Grand Place
Brussels: Animation on the Grand Place
Visit Brussels
Spend 2 days in Brussels: any tips on visit Brussels here. Must be seen, the Grand Place, the Atomium, the narrow streets of downtown ... but also museum of comics, details thus: Museum of Brussels comics. The Belgian capital is a very diverse city where many cultures are trying to agree the best. It changes very quickly piped in from one street to another, or even the difference is already apparent between the top and base of the street as on the Boulevard Anspach, which crosses the city center. 

The trick
Belgium knows his last few years tensions and separatist ideas are going well. We will here not further comment except to say that the country is safe and welcoming for those who doubt! The premises may have their small cultural concerns, then specify that you are French. You'll be excused for example to speak French in Flanders! 
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