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Discovering Austria: culture and nature
Winter or summer? Both! Cultural or sports, or ecological? The 3! Austria is to see in the whiteness of winter in the warm spring see the heat of summer, the cool mountains is significant. There is something for all tastes: sports holiday in the mountains and unspoilt nature, culture Tyrolean gross or Viennese refinement. But Austria is also Graz, Salzburg, Danube, and full of nice little village and a lot of land!

Austria and the Austrians
Austria has about 8 250 000 inhabitants for a country as large as 2 times the neighboring Switzerland. 1 neighbor of 5 lives in Vienna which has 1 700 000 inhabitants. The country is not overpopulated and very human size, with 10 inhabitants per square kilometer. To temper a little, the mountain area covering 3 / 4 of the country, and half the country is also covered with forest. Danube plain in the country offers a rich agricultural region. Other major cities do not exceed 300 000 people: 270 000 Graz, Linz and Innsbruck 225 000 inhabitants 128 000.
There is therefore good to live with a rate of chaumage one of the lowest in Europe: 5%, but also because the Austrians are particularly sensitive to environmental preservation. 
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Austria ecologist

Austrian vineyards and plains of Central Europe
Austrian vineyards and plains of Central Europe
Austria, the heart of Europe
Austria is a real cultural and economic crossroads of Europe. Austria heart of Europe , the country is border 8 other European countries: Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Note that there Slovene minority in the south-east, Austria and the Austrians speak German. 

Sport, or rather ski in Austria
The skiing, with great S is the sport Nationalpark. Austrians have 50 levels to be the Olympic medalist, when the IOC grants only a few places! It is more difficult to return to the Austrian team that make a world podium ... Nearly 8 000 villages have at least one lift. Vienna also has trails! Innsbruck hosted at 2 times the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1972. Austria has 300 major ski resorts. trick
If you have a dozen days in the spring, the top is to make a triptych Vienna - Prague - Budapest. By road, crossing the surprise of superb countryside and villages, along the Danube or Vtlava. Winter or summer Tyrol is beautiful. Caution was the plain, heavy storms regularly fraps continental Europe and Austria in this period.

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